Daily vs Weekly vs Monthly Goals – REPOST

This was a post I wrote this past summer, but with goal setting being a focus of the new year I decided to repost it. Enjoy.

After trying many different goal setting systems for both myself and my clients, I found that setting weekly goals is more powerful than daily and monthly goals.

Before I explain why, let me be 100% clear that I believe in a daily method of operation, planning your day and executing your plan. In addition, I think long term goals are important as well. However, I have seen the most success with weekly goals and here is why:

When you set daily goals (e.g. 5 scheduled appointments per day) there comes a certain point in some days where you start to realize you may not hit your goal. This could be because of a morning appointment that went long or just a result of below average prospecting results. To continue this example, let's say it is 3pm and you have only 1 appointment scheduled with 2 hours to go in your work day.

This scenario causes many people to "throw in the towel" since 5 appointments is not likely. So you spend the next 2 hours doing busy work instead of productive work.

When you have weekly goals (in this example let's say 20 scheduled appointments per week), there is still an incentive to get another appointment that can be "banked" for the weekly total. On the other end of the spectrum, let's say you hit  your 5 appointments by noon and the afternoon appointment you were about to drive to has been cancelled last minute. Now you can spend time "banking" more appointments to free up a time later in the week to reschedule.

Finally, for most friends and clients I recommend starting your weeks on Saturday vs Monday. This way if time allows, you can choose to get a jump start on your weekly numbers instead of using the weekends to catchup (not fun or inspiring). I do this with my workout numbers all the time. There is nothing better than finishing a weekend workout and knowing there is one less day you have to workout the next week.