The Focused Week

Gives You a Step by Step Process To

  • Setup Your Days and Week for Success
  • Stop Bouncing Around Like a Ping-Pong Ball
  • Turn Your Reactive Business into a Simpler, Intentional, More Lucrative One
  • Gain a Day to Day, Hour to Hour Clarity Few Professionals Experience
  • Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Earn More by Focusing on Less


After Reading the Short Book…

You’ll know the EXACT activities needed to have a great week.
Activities whose completion is in your control!

Your day and week will be structured to accomplish these activities, while still dealing with the day-to-day of your business (expected and unexpected).

On Friday night, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt, regardless of that week's results, you had a great week and your business is moving in the right direction!

The system described in this book has helped create multiple 7 figure earners and is licensed by some of the largest companies in the world.

But before I created it, I was a grinder. My answer to everything was to "do more" and "go faster". I wore my 60+ hour work weeks like a badge of honor.

The problem was that after grinding my way to a certain level of success, the needle stopped moving no matter how many hours I worked or how fast I ran.

I thought it was "just me". That I wasn't naturally focused and disciplined.

It took me more years, systems, and trial and error than I care to admit to finally realize that I would earn and produce more, by focusing on less...

To realize that what was missing was having an ACTUAL strategy that focused my skills and work ethic on a handful of high leverage activities.

And when the system I created for myself started working…

And people more successful than myself started asking for advice…

I reluctantly shared my "dumb little system"…

And they loved it!!

They were as big of a mess as I was!

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the exact system I’ve helped countless sales pros, entrepreneurs and other professionals use to run a simple, intentional, more lucrative business.

Brian Margolis